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New Model Classifynder Released

This model is more robust and more user friendly than earlier models.  Most significantly it allows a scan of most of the area of a single glass slide. New single slide holder, with larger slide area able to be scanned. To promote use with a wider range of slide configurations this single slide holder allows almost all of the area of a conventional 75 mm x 25 mm slide to …Read More

Lighting & lens upgrade schedule

We offer lighting and upgrade kits for prototype Gen 3 and Gen 3A Classifynder systems so as to bring these up to a common optical standard with later systems. Lighting and lens upgrade kits for Gen 3 prototypes: New custom LED lighting unit and controller New and improved darkfield stop New 40x Nikon dry objective for the high magnification camera. New lighting flare control hood for 4x low resolution camera …Read More