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Agronomy Use the Classifynder to automate counts and classifications of air and soil borne diseases such as facial eczema, potato blight, parasitic worm eggs, nematodes etc.


Horticulture Apply the Classifynder to problems in understanding factors affecting crop pollination and for testing pollen bulk density and batch viability.

Border Control

Board Control Increase your ability to examine suspicious objects or individuals for biological contaminants and drugs through the identification of residual pollen and spores. Check the pollen 'finger print' against geo-referenced pollen libraries or with the help of remote experts to trace origins and movements.

Palynological sciences

Palynology Tackle questions in climate change, palaeoecology and studies of evolutionary origin using higher counts than previously possible of pollen, spores, diatoms, testate amoebae, phytoliths, dinoflagellates and numerous other types of microfossil. Build image libraries tagged with useful meta data and share your results with others. Talk to us about your research project.

Honey Industry

Honey Industry Check the pollen count and confirm floral sources and country of origin for imported honey, or provide your consumers with unbiased and consistent validation of your country of origin and floral source claims. Monitor for unwanted pollen types.

Human health

Human Health Use the Classifynder technology to assist in investigations of environmental factors causing asthma and allergies such as pollen and mould spores, dust, soot and other larger particulates. Speed up and standardise daily airborne pollen counts from a wide variety of standard samplers.

Oil and Gas exploration

Oil and Gas For oil and gas exploration, the Classifynder has the potential to reduce the turnaround time from the time the core sample arrives in the lab to the time needed to produce results of an analysis of the microfossils you are looking for. Sample preparation and scanning work can be done at the rig and an expert Palynologist can monitor the results on the Classifynder remotely from anywhere in the world.

Forensic science

Forensic Science Use the Classifynder as an aid to trace particle forensic analysis. Produce and cross check your classifications with peers in remote locations, produce images for evidence and maintain complete traceability of all microscopic objects of interest back to the original sample. Catalogue and inventory entire samples.

Other areas

With modifications to the optical system and appropriate sample presentation the Classifynder could also be used in the study of macrofossils, seeds, waterborne oocysts and numerous other problems involving singulated biological particles. Call us to discuss your interests.

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