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About Us

History and origins

Veritaxa Limited is a New Zealand registered company. It’s mission is to realise the global commercial potential of intelligent imaging systems applied to high value niche applications in science, public health and industry. 

Veritaxa uses licenced technology developed at Massey University of New Zealand. The ‘Classifynder’ technology platform consists of robotic and optical technologies to locate microscopic particles of interest in natural samples combined with machine vision and mathematical classifiers to classify (identify) those particles.

The origins of the Classifynder technology are the pioneering studies and publications of Professor John Flenley, and the systems engineering skills of Professor Bob Hodgson, both of Massey University, New Zealand. Along with a number of PhD and Masters students and staff, the technology has been developed and prototyped over more than 10 years. Read the detail in John Flenley’s paper.

Veritaxa Limited is based in Palmerston North, New Zealand

Our People

Professor Emeritus Bob Hodgson: Technical Director

Bob is known for his work in applied digital image processing and digital image processing systems engineering. He has supervised a series of development projects that have led to the present Classifynder system. Bob brings his considerable technical skills and R&D experience to Veritaxa Limited.

Mr. Jamie MacDuff (B.E. (Hons), PGDip Innov Tech Mngt): Commercial Director

Jamie is a professional engineer with commercialisation and technology management experience.  Jamie leads diverse professional engineering and scientific project teams. Jamie brings expertise in business planning, commercialisation stage gating, risk management, IP management, market and industry analysis and in sales development to Veritaxa Limited.

Professor Emeritus John Flenley: Palynology Advisor

John is a well-known and widely published palynologist. John has promoted the potential benefits from the application of computers to Palynology since 1968. John has supervised a series of well-reported studies related to computer classification of pollen.  John advises Veritaxa Limited on the needs and developments in palynology.

Dr. Kat Holt.

Dr Katherine Holt is a Lecturer in the Institute of Agriculture and Environment at Massey University, New Zealand. Kat is active in palynology research with special interests in Quaternary biogeography, quaternary geology, environmental reconstructions, palynology and palaeoclimates. Kat is actively engaged as a consultant to Veritaxa Ltd in the independent evaluation, testing and improvement of the Classifynder system.

Visit Dr Holt’s Pollen Lab

Mr. Ken Mercer

Ken Mercer is a senior mechatronics  technician.  He brings skills in electronic and mechanical engineering design, tool making and manufacturing.

Mr. Colin Plaw

Colin Plaw is a software and electronics technician and has been leading the development of improved user interfaces, improved image processing and capture systems and in testing and resolving numerous systems enhancements.


In addition to those listed, Veritaxa works in a collaborative environment in which advice is readily given. We wish to acknowledge the following people for their expertise and assistance:

  • Associate Professor Donald Bailey for digital image processing advice
  • Associate Professor Stephen Marsland for statistical advice
  • Former Engineering Masters student Gary Allen for system integration and series 1 and 2 prototypes
  • Greg McLeay and Ian Thomas for manufacturing design of the series 3 prototypes.

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